Dreidelights are 3 interactive Dreidels.
Each dreidel has its own color (Red Green or Blue), his own “Spinning Stage”, and his own Digital RGB LED strip.

An Arduino measures the RPM of each dreidel, and makes It’s LED strip spin in a corresponding speed around the spinning stage.

A larger Digital RGB LED strip surrounds the 3 spinning stages. It’s color is set by mixing the speeds of the 3 Dreidels. I.E. if the blue dreidel is spinning but the other two are not, the large strip will become blue. if the green and red dreidels are spinning the large strip will become yellow ect…

Created together with Dudi Rubin for the “Make Light” exhibit @ Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem¬†on¬†Hanukkah 2013.

A video posted by @yurikleb on

A video posted by @yurikleb on