Project desAIner

In the wake of the Internet-of-Things we will witness the world populated with billions of new “phygital” devices. As designers, we should start asking ourselves questions like: 'how can we cope with streams of Big Data such devices will generate and how can we benefit from them?' The age of the Internet of Things will challenge designers to reinvent their skill set and rethink their methods. In the near future a whole new set of tools will emerge and will vastly enhance designers skills and creativity. Such tools will enable designers to use assets like Big Data to understand their users much better than ever before, and respond much faster to their needs and myriad of lifestyles. This will lead to new generations of higher quality, smart and responsive “phygital” products.

In this project we present a possible vision of a future design process and some of the tools designers will be using when designing smart devices. The physical prototypes, renders and sketches are samples of how the outcomes of such process might look like.

You can read the full project report here.

This project is part of my Ma/MSc thesis at the Innovation Design Engineering programme at the Royal College of Art and the Imperial College London