This Project is an ongoing collaboration between the U.Tokyo – DLX Design Lab, Y.Matsunaga – Bio Architecture Lab, Sato/Sugano – Computer Vision Lab and Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

What if your body told you how it feels… with music?

Recent scientific findings from the lab of Prof. Y. Matsunaga has shown that looking at the human capillaries through the lens of a regular microscope can produce useful insights about our overall health and instruct us as to how to sleep better, eat better or drink responsibly.

Based on that exciting research, a mutual team from The University of Tokyo – DLX Platform and the Bezalel Design Academy in Israel has developed a novel system that transforms the microscope’s images into a musical tune – essentially a music of your own personal health status! So all you need to do is put your finger under the microscope, and within minutes you’ll hear a unique piece of music that will tell you something meaningful about your own body. As your physical status changes, so will the music.