Future Tunnel

This Project was developed  as part of my research at The University of Tokyo, DLX РDesign Lab
Sponsored by: Matsudo City Tourism Association

The project was presented at:

In a future city where nature, science, and culture coexist seamlessly, expressways and tunnels also evolve into a creative space that connects nature with cutting-edge technology. Matsudo City aims to become an international creative city of the future. As an opening event of the Tokyo Gaikan Expressway Matsudo Interchange, a beltway that connects the greater Tokyo area, the expressway was open to the public as a creative space for one day. The Future Tunnel is an interactive installation based on research and technology from the University of Tokyo. It connects and visualizes the voices of the visitors and the sounds of nature and its wildlife. Blue skies and forest trees are projected onto the ceiling of the tunnel, and the chirping sounds generate vibrant images of the birds as they fly across the ceiling. The voices of the visitors are also visualized as virtual sound particles that emerge and diffuse, creating an immersive experience. The Tele Echo Tubes (TET) connect the tunnel with the surrounding forests of Mt.Fuji. The TETs not only receive the sounds from nature but also send the voices of the visitors to the forest to enable interaction with wildlife and mountain echos. In future cities, advanced technologies such as IoT and AI (artificial intelligence) can be connected with nature in new ways to enable societies better coexists with nature. It has been 50 years since the conceptualization of the expressway and the interchange. Experience our Future Tunnel, where nature, science, and art come together.

Technology: Hill H.Kobayashi and Daisuke Shimotoku (Center for Spatial Information Science)
Interaction Design: Yuri Klebanov and Kota Isobe (DLX Design Lab)
Director: Yoko Shimizu Project support: 0! and Matsudo City Tourism Association